Dead Sea Tour: Visiting the World's Famous Dead Sea

Dead Sea Tour

Can you imagine yourself lying supine on a body of water – without sinking! Make your imagination come real by visiting the one of the largest bodies of salt water the world has to offer – the Dead Sea in Israel!

Literally, the name "Dead Sea" does not justify the marvels of these waters where nature bursts forth its living miracle. The Dead Sea is said to be the world's most amazing body of water, formed by the Syrian-African rift, and surrounded by mountains and rolling hills. In biblical times this region was home to five famous ancient cities inscribed in the holy texts of the Bible including the infamous Sodom and Gomorrah. A Dead Sea tour is one that you must not miss when visiting Israel and contact a travel agency like Gold Carpet israel private tours!

Nature's Bursting Miracle. A Dead Sea Tour

The Dead Sea is a marvelous destination for tourists seeking relief from the pressures and pains of city life. The region has evolved into a famous religious hub and destination for wellness tourism. Fine hotels, spas and wellness centers flourish in the area, in addition to museums and archaeological centers that have been established for culture and history enthusiasts. The famous Dead Sea scrolls, including the Book of Leviticus, written on papyrus that grows near Dead Sea, were discovered in caves at the Dead Sea. These papyri are now on display at Israel's National Museum in Jerusalem.

The depression of the water body is the lowest point on the earth's surface, measured at over 400 meters (or 1,312 feet) below sea level. The sources of the lake (not sea) are the rich and abundant water currents from the Jordan River. Due to its land-locked location and high temperatures, the waters of Dead Sea evaporate, leaving in their wake an immense supply of mineral-rich and salt-rich deposits. Float and swim in the warm, soothing waters of the Dead Sea with ten times the salt content of normal sea water. Be rejuvenated after soaking in the therapeutic mineral-rich water as you float effortlessly on its surface.

Getting to the Dead Sea is easy especially if travel arrangements have been made and one has a tour book/brochure to guide you to the key areas and the ways to get there (Read more It is also advisable to take an airport shuttle Tel Aviv service if your last stop-over is the marvelous city of Tel Aviv. Most tourists prefer arranging a full-day tour that will include meals and access to pool and beach facilities. Guides in Israel arrange trips to the Dead Sea on a daily basis.

Arranging your Israel accommodation is the most advisable and quickest way of making your travel experience to the Dead Sea swift and coordinated. Most of the hotels in the area boast salt and sweet water swimming pools as well as other luxurious amenities. After a whole-day of floating on the Dead Sea waters, one may wish to arrange a check-in in one of its local hotels and resume the sheer experience the next day, or depart for another destination.

A visit to this world-famous destination will surely complete your Israel experience. Come to Israel's Dead Sea and literally bathe in salt and wellness!

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